Episode 62 - Liora Simozar

Build or Buy Your Tech Stack (Listen)

Conversation with Liora Simozar, a Senior Product Manager at Clutter with subject matter expertise at product marketing within a startup

Episode 61 - Sona Pehlivanian

Interconnected TV Campaigns (Listen)

Conversation with Sona Pehlivanian, the Vice President of Addressable Campaign Management and Operations at New York Interconnect and a subject matter at leveraging data for more effective TV and cross channel campaigns


Episode 60 - Caitlin Halpert

To A/B or Not to A/B, Test Is the Question (Listen)
Conversation with Caitlin Halpert, a Growth Engineer at 3Q Digital and a subject matter expert in performance and digital marketing Listen to the Podcast

Episode 59 - Josh McGrail

How Accurate Is Your Data (Listen)

Conversation with Josh McGrail, Vice President at Accudata Integrated Marketing and a subject matter expert in leveraging data for behavioral analytics and strategic audience targeting Listen to the Podcast

Episode 58 - Jodi Daniels

What Is Your Personal Data Worth (Listen)

Conversation with Jodi Daniels, a Certified Informational Privacy Professional, the Founder of Red Clover Advisors, and a subject matter expert in online data strategy Listen to the Podcast


Episode 57 - Beverly Robertson

Through Another Lens (Listen)

Conversation with Beverly Robertson, the former corporate marketing executive, marketing agency co-founder, former president of the National Civil Rights Museum, and now the Interim CEO of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce and she’s also a subject matter expert in race relations as well as civil rights

Episode 56 - Somi Arian

Consumer Behavior and the Millennial Disruption (Listen)

Conversation with Somi Arian, the founder of Smart Cookie Media, the creator and producer of the documentary “The Millennial Disruption”, and a subject matter expert in the consumer behavior of millennials and of producing content

Episode 55 - Eric Gregg

A Series of Digital Summit Marketing Conferences (Listen)

Conversation with Eric Gregg, the Co-founder and Executive Director of Tech Media and the Digital Summit Series of marketing conferences


Episode 54 - Aaron Christopher (A.C.) Evans

Just Text Me (Listen)

Conversation with AC Evans, the CEO and founder of drips.com and a subject matter expert in lead generation and marketing automation


Episode 53 - John Hargrave

Blockchain for Customer Acquisition for Everyone (Listen)

Conversation with John Hargrave, a Blockchain subject matter expert, the CEO of Media Shower, the Publisher of BITCOIN MARKET JOURNAL, and the author of "Blockchain for Everyone"


Episode 52 - Tamsen Webster

The Red Thread in Your Story (Listen)

Conversation with Tamsen Webster who is part keynote speaker, part message strategist, full-time “Idea Whisperer” on that big idea, and a subject matter expert in marketing and storytelling


Episode 49 - Dan Golden

After the Website (Listen)

Conversation with Dan Golden, the CEO, Chief Search Artist, and co-founder of Be Found Online, a leading digital marketing agency


Episode 50 - Melissa Sciorra

SEO, Content, Tips, Tricks, and Tools (Listen)

Conversation with Melissa Sciorra, the Senior SEO Manager at SmarterTravel (a TripAdvisor Company) and a subject matter expert on why content marketing matters


Episode 51 - Grant Aldrich

Learn Online from an Edupreneur (Listen)

Conversation with Grant Aldrich, the CEO and founder of OnlineDegree.com and a subject matter expert in online education as well as the entrepreneurial spirit


Episode 46 - Mark Schaefer

Trust, Connect, and Influence (Listen)

Conversation with Mark Schaefer, a major influencer in digital marketing, well-known college educator, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and marketing strategy consultant


Episode 47 - Deb Gabor

Fifty Shades of Marketing (Listen)

Conversation with Deb Gabor, the CEO of SOL Marketing, an expert in brand strategy, and the author of the bestselling book, “Branding is Sex”


Episode 48 - Nii Ahene

Deep in the Amazon Strategy (Listen)

Conversation with Nii Ahene, the COO and co-founder of CPC Strategy and a Subject Matter Expert in Amazon marketing and advertising


Episode 43 - Nataliya Stanetsky

A Woman In Blockchain (Listen)

Conversation with Nataliya Stanetsky, the organizer of the Women in Blockchain Group in New York and a Program Manager at Google


Episode 44 - Bob Hutchins

Faith in Marketing (Listen)

Conversation with Bob Hutchins, an independent Digital Marketing consultant and the coauthor of “Faith Based Marketing,” a guide to reaching Christian customers


Episode 45 - Darrell Greene

Stay Classy Anchorman (Listen)

Conversation with Darrell Greene, an Emmy award winning local TV evening news anchor and veteran with over 25 years of experience serving major markets in local TV news coverage


Episode 40 - Ryan Deiss

Expert Digital Marketer (Listen)

Conversation with Ryan Deiss, the coauthor of "Digital Marketing for Dummies," the CEO and founder of Digital Marketer, the founder of 40 other companies, a frequent keynote speaker, and one of the top digital marketing influencers on the planet


Episode 41 - Chris Costello

Best Practices in Marketing Research (Listen)

Conversation with Chris Costello, the Senior Director of Marketing Research at Kenshoo and a subject matter expert in digital marketing research and analysis


Episode 42 - Stephanie Anderson

CMO Clubbing in New York (Listen)

Conversation with Stephanie Anderson, the New York City Chapter President of the CMO Club and the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Ai Media Group


Episode 37 - Dave Smith and Darren Fisher

Retargeting from Pixel to Postcard (Listen)

Conversation with Dave Smith, CEO, and Darren Fisher, VP, at Incremental Media, an agency specializing in using insert media, print, and direct mail to compliment digital channels


Episode 38 - Ben Tamblyn

How to Tell Great Stories (Listen)

Conversation with Ben Tamblyn, the Director of Storytelling at Microsoft and a Subject Matter Expert with some amazing stories to tell

Episode 39 - Daniel Pink

When Is the Right Time (Listen)

Conversation with Daniel Pink, keynote speaker and the author of six provocative books including NY Times and Amazon best seller, "WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing"


Episode 34 - Kylie Francis

Six Figures with a Pinterest Influencer (Listen)

Conversation with Kylie Francis, a Pinterest Influencer, Social Media consultant, Digital Course Creator and an expert in affiliate marketing

Episode 35 - Mitch Oscar

TV and HocusFocus (Listen)

Conversation with Mitch Oscar, a Television Thought Leadership Consultant, the founder of HocusFocus, and the former EVP at both MPG and Carat


Episode 36 - Carlos Dominguez

Social Listening and Customer Experience (Listen)

Conversation with Carlos Dominguez, the president of Sprinklr and a subject matter expert on customer experience


Episode 31 - Rachel Schulties

Performance Trends and Solutions in Digital Media (Listen)

Conversation with Rachel Schulties, the Executive Vice President of the Digital Agency at Digital Media Solutions and a subject matter expert in performance marketing and lead generation


Episode 32 - John Nemo

Shark Finds Nemo on LinkedIn (Listen)

Conversation with John Nemo, the solopreneur, business coach, marketer, influencer, and bestselling author of "LinkedIn Riches" and 7 other books


Episode 33 - Lou D’Angeli

Event Marketing with a Cirque du Soleil Ringmaster (Listen)

Conversation with Lou D’Angeli, the Vice President of Marketing for Cirque du Soleil, the former Director of Marketing for the WWE, and an event marketing expert


Episode 28 - Minter Dial

Proof of the Future Is Here (Listen)

Conversation with Minter Dial, the co-author of the award winning “Futureproof: How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next


Episode 29 - Scott Dikkers

Peeling Back the Layers of Funny Content and The Onion (Listen)

Conversation with Scott Dikkers, the founder of The Onion and a subject matter expert in comedy and content

Episode 30 - Neil Patel

Shark Presents Neil Patel (Listen)

Conversation with Neil Patel, the famed digital marketing legend, author, keynote speaker, and the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics, and Neil Patel Digital


Episode 25 - Jason Ashman

Experts at Home Services (Listen)

Conversation with Jason Ashman, Vice President at Home Expert.com and a subject matter expert in the home services industry


Episode 26 - Jason Barrett

A Podcast Near Me (Listen)

Conversation with Jason Barrett, the CEO at Go Local Interactive and a subject matter expert in online location based marketing


Episode 27 - Zach Morrison

Be Elite in Performance Based Digital Marketing (Listen)

Conversation with Zach Morrison, the President of Elite SEM and a subject matter expert in performance-driven digital marketing


Episode 22 - Ryan Peters

Info 4 Mobile Data (Listen)

Conversation with Ryan Peters, the VP of Audience Solutions at 4INFO and a subject matter expert on mobile data for advertising


Episode 23 - Tracey Scheppach

Does TV Matter More (Listen)

Conversation with Tracey Scheppach, the CEO and Co-founder of Matter More Media and a subject matter expert in TV


Episode 24 - Travis Hawley

Viral, Social, and Influential (Listen)

Conversation with Travis Hawley, Vice President at Viral Nation, an Influencer marketing and talent agency, and a subject matter expert on Influencer Marketing


Episode 19 - Russ Henneberry

Digital Marketing For Dummies And Sharks (Listen)

Conversation with Russ Henneberry, a Digital Marketing consultant and coauthor of "Digital Marketing for Dummies"


Episode 20 - Rob Seaver

Compliance And The LeadsCouncil (Listen)

Conversation with Rob Seaver, the Executive Director of Leads Council, a subject matter expert on compliance in online lead generation


Episode 21 - Robert Rose

Content and Storytelling (Listen)

Conversation with Robert Rose, the founder and chief strategy officer for The Content Advisory, the education and consulting group for The Content Marketing Institute


Episode 16 - Joseph Snyder and Chris Brown

Dive Into Blockchain (Listen)

Conversation with Joseph Snyder (CEO) and Chris Brown (CTO), from Lannister Holdings, subject matter experts on blockchain


Episode 17 - Sergio Alvarez

Attribution, Attribution, Attribution (Listen)

Conversation with Sergio Alvarez, CEO of Ai Media Group, a subject matter expert in digital and performance marketing


Episode 18 - Kim (Weisensee) Brown

Connect with Humans with Data (Listen)

Conversation with Kim Brown, Global Head of Marketing for GE Digital and the CEO and Founder of Centrally Human, a subject matter expert in data and marketing


Episode 13 - Peter Horst

The CMO and Marketing In The Fake News Era (Listen)

Conversation with Peter Horst, a CMO subject matter expert and author of "Marketing In The #Fakenews Era: New Rules For A New Reality Of Tribalism, Activism, And Loss of Trust"


Episode 14 - Jamie Power

The Real Power of Advanced TV (Listen)

Conversation with Jamie Power, COO of one2one Media, a subject matter expert on advanced and addressable TV


Episode 15 - Kyle Harris

The Future of Voice Search Strategy Today (Listen)

Conversation with Kyle Harris, Product Director at DAC Group, a subject matter expert on voice search technology


Episode 10 - Gregg Johnson

The Voice of Invoca in Call Intelligence (Listen)

Conversation with Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, a subject matter expert on call intelligence, voice, and AI


Episode 11 - Dale Leatherwood

A Clear Degree of Success in Higher Ed (Listen)

Conversation with Dale Leatherwood, Co-Founder of ClearDegree, a subject matter expert on performance marketing in higher education


Episode 12 - Scott Elser

Current and Digital in Digital Marketing (Listen)

Conversation with Scott Elser, President of Digital Current, a subject matter expert on trends and best practices in digital marketing


Episode 7 - Zac Carman

ConsumerAffairs and 5 Star Reviews (Listen)

Conversation with Zac Carman, CEO of ConsumerAffairs, a subject matter expert on online review management

Episode 8 - Warren Pickett

Leaders in Lead Generation at LeadsCon (Listen)

Conversation with Warren Pickett, Content Director of LeadsCon and Connect to Convert, a subject matter expert on lead generation and performance marketing conferences

Episode 9 - Amanda Simmons

A Full Cup of Landing Page Optimization (Listen)

Conversation with Amanda Simmons, Founder of Full Cup Creative, a subject matter expert on landing page optimization and strategies


Episode 4 - Hassan Ali

Cutting The Onion Made Me Tear Up and Laugh (Listen)

Conversation with Hassan Ali, a Creative Lead at The Onion Labs, a subject matter expert in humor that provides relatable human truth as well as Content That Doesn't Suck

Episode 5 - Curtis Barone

Big Data and Redheaded Juggling Clowns (Listen)

Conversation with Curtis Barone, the Director of Media and Entertainment, a subject matter expert in addressable targeting and data driven attribution and insights through using big data in advertising

Episode 6 - Dr. Jenn Mann

Dr. Jenn's Therapy for a Shark

Conversation with Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed psychotherapist, best-selling author, TV host (VH1’s "Couple’s Therapy"), Sirius/XM radio host (“The Love and Sex Show with Dr. Jenn”), celebrity couples therapist, sports psychology consultant, and subject matter expert on relationships


Episode 1 - Aaron Beitler

Who Is Watching Addressable TV

Conversation with Aaron Beitler, AVP Business Analytics, Database Marketing at AT&T, a subject matter expert in Addressable TV


Episode 2 - Arnie Kuenn

Content Marketing Works

Conversation with Arnie Kuenn, Founder and CEO of Vertical Measures, a subject matter expert in Content Marketing and author of "Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform Your Business"

Episode 3 - Eric Schiffer

Attacked by Keyboard Warriors and Internet Trolls (Listen)

Conversation with Eric Schiffer, Founder and CEO of Reputation Management Consultants, a subject matter expert in Online Reputation Management and author of "Emotionally Charged Learning"