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Episode 72 - Arti Sahgal

How to Have the Mindset of a Digital Transformation Leader

Conversation with Arti Saghal, a Senior Digital Marketing and Transformation Leader at The Heineken Company, a tech entrepreneur, and a subject matter expert at digital transformation and eCommerce demand generation


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Episode 71 - Ann Brennan
Marketing the Cause of 1-800-273-8255

Conversation with Ann Brennan, the CEO of Ann’s Social Media and Marketing and she’s a subject matter expert at cause marketing


Episode 70 - Chad Engelgau
How to Be a Better Data-Driven Marketer

Conversation with Chad Engelgau, the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Strategy of Acxiom, one of the most well respected data companies in the world, and a true subject matter expert at data-driven marketing


Episode 69 - Ginger Shimp
Stories of SAP and B2B Content

Conversation with Ginger Shimp, the Senior Marketing Director at SAP, one of the world’s largest technology brands, and a subject matter expert at B2B content marketing and storytelling

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