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Episode 62 - Liora Simozar
Build or Buy Your Tech Stack

Liora Simozar, a Senior Product Manager at Clutter with subject matter expertise at product marketing within a startup


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Episode 61 - Sona Pehlivanian Halpert
Interconnected TV Campaigns

Conversation with Sona Pehlivanian, the Vice President of Addressable Campaign Management and Operations at New York Interconnect and a subject matter at leveraging data for more effective TV and cross channel campaigns


Episode 60 - Caitlin Halpert
To A/B or Not to A/B, Test Is The Question

Conversation with Caitlin Halpert, a Growth Engineer at 3Q Digital and a subject matter expert in performance and digital marketing


Episode 59 - Josh McGrail
How Accurate Is Your Data

Conversation Josh McGrail, Vice President at Accudata Integrated Marketing and a subject matter expert in leveraging data for behavioral analytics and strategic audience targeting


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